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LeadLab Media is a paid media consultancy designed to support advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments with digital planning, buying, and insights.

Sara Johnson created LeadLab Media to solve the common challenges agencies face when building digital advertising teams. Her team partners with paid media departments to enhance their teams instead of competing with them over client relationships.

We can partner with full-management, or step in where you need us most. Our skills include technical implementation, team training, strategy development, pitch support, analytics and measurement.

LeadLab is an ad agency’s Secret Weapon for any advertising challenges, from technical issues to strategic discussions with your clients.

  • People

    We make sure that your agency has the right people, they are trained on best in class execution, and are successful in making clients happy and profitable.

  • Process

    Without the right process in place, you aren’t able to grow your digital practice. We evaluate your current systems and find ways to do things faster and more efficient.

  • Technology

    Knowing the right tools and how to use the tools to get your message out there is critical. We give you the expertise needed to build campaigns that drive winning results.

Benefits We Offer Our Clients

  • We're an on-call team of strategic executioners. Our no commitment hourly model means your team has access to our experts whenever you need.

  • We have relationships with cost-effective flex teams for larger accounts who require hundreds of routine changes like promotional copy swaps.

  • In many cases, we can save agencies the overhead of hiring new full-time employees, and we can adjust up and down at the speed of change.

  • We can be client-facing or behind the scenes, depending on the needs of your agency.

  • We help your team to be more efficient with staff training, automation, and process development.

  • We have no retainers or engagement minimums so that we can be flexible with any budget.

  • We are committed to being your partner and always contractually agree to not compete with your client business.

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