What Makes LeadLab Media Different?

Image of LeadLab Media Logo on a glass door with LeadLab Media employees in the room behind.

What Makes LeadLab Media Different?

What makes LeadLab different? What separates LeadLab from other digital marketing agencies? It all starts with our CEO and founder, Sara Johnson. Sara began planting the seed, which has now grown into LeadLab Media, in 2015 following the ‘Great Resignation’. Employees that were experts in the in-platform, execution and strategy space were leaving their agency jobs for a variety of reasons around this time, which left a gap in agency capabilities.

Enter: LeadLab Media

LeadLab Media started out as Sara offering her services as an independent contractor, but grew as she hired several full and part-time employees. Sara had a vision for a digital agency that did things a little differently. From day 1, Sara emphasized efficient and effective processes. She learned from past experience that in order to scale, the right processes had to be in place to stabilize the growth.

LeadLab Media also differs from other digital media companies in the hourly model structure Sara implemented. With this model, the LeadLab team can collaborate and work together to produce the best results for each individual client, because we can utilize our team members strengths across many accounts.

Another unique characteristic of LeadLab is our commitment to efficiency, whether that be automating reports, creating dashboards, etc., which ultimately leads to more time spent on the work that matters. When repetitive tasks are automated, our hours can go towards work that really moves the needle for each client. Additionally, there is an expectation of expertise from the LeadLab Media team, meaning, employees from all levels offer strong execution and in-platform skills.

With these four distinguishing pillars as a base, and a highly skilled team to execute, growth for LeadLab Media is inevitable.

In the past few years, all advertisers, big and small, have recognized that digital media is going to be important to being competitive in marketing. As such, Lead Lab has moved beyond just helping clients, to helping entire agencies level up in digital. In the future, we want to use our knowledge to help the industry as a whole. We believe that everyone- practitioners, managers, clients and agencies, at all levels – need to understand the strategies and fundamentals of digital media. We don’t want to just do the work, we want to share our expertise and thought leadership with the industry.

When asked what her favorite part of owning her own digital media agency is, Sara described the ability to do things our own way.

“Wanting to do things differently in a way that was better for clients and better for the people doing the work is what inspired me to start my own company. The average tenure of someone doing this work is only 1-2 years because it was so much work and often thankless. I strive to build a team that wants to do this job for years and years so we can have more people in digital media with more than 5 years of experience in execution. This is why we are leaders in the space.”