We Can Be Productive Anywhere

Image of woman being productive working remotely at her home desk.

We Can Be Productive Anywhere

The Many Benefits of Remote Work

After spending years in the traditional corporate world, our CEO, Sara Johnson, realized that office life isn’t for everyone and there are benefits to operating differently. Instead of having a headquartered brick-and-mortar location, Sara chose to build LeadLab Media in a remote space, enabling employees to work in an environment that they genuinely enjoy and can be productive in. 

The environment at LeadLab Media is highly collaborative, and fully remote, with flexible work schedules and strong employee benefits. Our remote team has complete autonomy to decide where they will work from. Employees can customize their workspace according to their needs and can create their own office designed solely for them. This being said, coworking office space is always an option for our employees based on what each individual feels is best for their productivity and working structure.

Being a remote company also doesn’t limit us to where we get our talent from. Our co-workers can reside anywhere in the world and still be an asset to our team. We don’t need to all be in an office to stay organized or operate as a unified team. Since we work in the digital industry, we can collaborate and connect in a virtual space while using platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. 

Offering flexibility to employees helps improve work-life balance and encourages high productivity. This work-life balance has provided flexibility for our working moms to work while still operating as a full-time parent. Our Operations Manager, Jenna Bonazinca loves the time she’s spent as a working mom at LeadLab Media for the past four years.

She states, “After becoming a mom I went back to work when my baby was three months old. It was so difficult. My husband and I ended up making a major life changing decision but it was the easiest because it allowed me to stay home with our daughter. Two babies later when my youngest was one, I felt myself missing the me I was before I became a mom. I found this job and Sara told me that she started this company for reasons like mine, it’s not fair for people to have to choose, and she’s so right.”

People want to do well for a company that cares about their well-being and personal life. It is statistically proven that people also perform at their best when they are happy and satisfied. In research conducted from a LinkedIn study, 90% of employees are happier working remotely than under the supervision of their employers at the office.

Keeping our team satisfied, inspired, and happy helps increase engagement and creative ideas from our team, which helps move our clients forward. LeadLab Media can help your team succeed through our dedicated service and entrepreneurial culture. Want to find out how? Request a consultation today!