Tools We Love

Image of hands working at a computer with text that says "Tools We Love".

Tools We Love

How do you communicate with your remote team? Building culture and holding space for team collaboration are two of the biggest challenges of being a fully remote organization.

We use tools that allow for work and non-work communication to help us find time to communicate and build team unity.

Here is a list of the tools we love and why…

We love Front App! It’s been a great tool for our team to use as a communication tool. We’ve been able to set up folders where we will receive emails from clients and assign them to someone on the team, regardless of who was on the email. This allows us to work together as a team to make sure each response is thoughtful and correct.

We love a good explainer video, and Loom is at the top of our list. If you want to show your team member or client a project you’re working on, but can’t fit a call into your schedule, you can use Loom to record a quick video and send them the link. This saves time and helps keep emails at bay.

We use 3 tools from Atlassian – Jira Project Management System, Jira Service Desk and Confluence.

The Jira Project management system has been the backbone of our success and has been the only project management software flexible enough to build it how we need it. 

Confluence is one of the tools we use most. It’s a wiki where our team builds out training, how-to, and reference materials for tasks. It’s searchable and sortable, and it all lives in one place. This makes it a great alternative to Google Docs.

Jira Service Desk (currently in beta) allows people to fill out a form for what they need and have the request directly added to the project management system. This has allowed us to be even faster with requests because all the information we need is in the form, and we can schedule it directly to someone available. This has reduced a lot of back and forth and delays that often come with email requests.

Slack is an amazing tool when used correctly. We have fun Slack channels like “check out what I did last weekend” or “crafts and DYI.” It’s a great way to connect quickly and chat with each other throughout the day. But we have a few rules about how we use Slack: never can ask someone to do a new task via Slack, quick questions or discussions only. And it’s incredible how much we use it to still be on the free version!

Fathom is an awesome app that records every call we have with a client and stores it in a library. This helps us remember the details of the call, or even the next steps of a project.

When you need to show someone how to do something, Tango is the app that helps you create a visual step-by-step guide. This has been the best way we’ve been able to create learning guides for team members to know how to do certain tasks.

15Five is a great way for us to stay in touch with our managers. The regular check-ins and discussions help us get to know what’s going on in the company and how we’re doing—and it makes it easier for us to give feedback and get feedback from each other. It’s also a fun way to end a conversation!

Gusto has made tax and payroll management much easier for us. We used to worry about compliance and financial reporting, but now we’re able to focus on our growing company. Gusto even gives you access to health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits for employees.

What tools do you use to help your organization run smoothly and efficiently?