Team Details


Operations Engineer

Sean joined us in 2022 as our head of Project Management and we’ve flourished as a team since he arrived. Sean brings a unique perspective to the team dynamics that has proved to be invaluable. 

Sean sees LeadLab succeeding as his success and is always helping out team members to make sure they have everything they need and nothing in their way to get the job done. When new projects come on board, he’s able to quickly get the details and disseminate the next steps so we can move fast on whatever our clients need. He also has great skills in solving our biggest challenges and is always thinking of smarter ways to organize and move us forward. 

Sean’s not just building the team for the needs of today, he’s thinking about and anticipating the needs of our future so we’re ready to take on more clients, more people, and more complex challenges down the road. We’re a smarter, better, and faster machine thanks to Sean and we’re glad to have him be part of our team.


Bachelor of Music in Performance and Composition from California State University Long Beach – Cum Laude

Google Project Management Career Certification

Inbound Marketing Certification – Hubspot Academy

Eagle Scout Award

Fun Facts:

Favorite Books: Dare To Lead – Brené Brown, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey, and Never Split The Difference – Chris Voss

Favorite Travel Destination: There have been many, but none quite like Ireland.

Favorite Hobby/Pastime: Cooking and mixing cocktails!