Team Details


Account Manager

Natalie Kiely joined us in 2021 after graduating from college as a Media Coordinator. Natalie impressed us immediately with her ability to be creative about messaging and content because of her background in communications and design. As such, she was promoted to the role of Media Manager and is now leading clients through insights, recommendations and strategies to help them perform.
Since joining, Natalie has dug in head first in learning different platforms and strengthening her analytical skills. Now, she’s a force to be reckoned with as she can use the data in addition to her creative ideas to guide clients on the types of messaging and targeting they should be using to get the best results.
Natalie knows how to listen to what the client needs and deliver back recommendations and next steps. She really cares about the team and her clients and is always striving to make sure that we’re delivering the best in terms of guidance and optimizations. We often refer to Natalie as a “breath of fresh air” as she’s able to make people feel comfortable and confident they are in good hands.


Bachelors from Lake Forest College in Digital Strategy and Branding with a minor in
Business and Spanish
Google Ads Search Certified
Google Digital Garage Certification

Fun Facts:

Favorite animals: Cats and Dolphins
Favorite hobby or pastime: Cooking, trying new foods, watching movies
Favorite book: Frankenstein