Our Service Packages

If you are someone who wants to do the work but could benefit
from the guidance of digital media experts, our packages are for you!


Account Audit Packages

A second set of eyes can make all the difference.


Campaign Performance Packages

Make efficient use of your media budget.


Advanced Analytics Packages

Don’t fall behind when it comes to your data.


Custom Support & Training

If you need more support or want training for your team, we can help!

Account Audit Packages

Best Practices Account Audit
We give your accounts a second set of eyes and make sure everything is following best practices. As well as provide optimization opportunities and ideas for testing based on the data.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Audit Review Includes:
  • Account Health Check Report
  • Conversion Tracking Verification
  • Performance Trends Analysis
  • Optimizations Recommendations
  • Detailed Presentation of Work and Next Step Recommendations
Analytics Measurement Audit
You can't optimize an account if you're not measuring the right actions. Too often we see algorithms make the wrong decisions because the data was pushing them in the wrong way. We review your conversion set up in each platform, test them and decide if those are the conversions that will drive success for your business.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Measurement Audit Includes:
  • Comprehensive Audit of Current Analytics Set-Up
  • Issues Report
  • Opportunities Report
  • Detailed Presentation of Work and Next Step Recommendations

Performance Campaign Packages

New Campaign Tactical Plan
We detail the best way to set up a new tactic that you're looking to launch or test. Don't waste money on the learning curve, make sure you’re set up for success with a custom launch plan.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Tactical Includes:
  • Strategic Recommendations for Campaign Structure
  • Keyword Research and Ad Group Layout
  • Ad Copy Recommendations
  • Data-Driven Recommendations for Targeting & Bid Strategy
  • Detailed Presentation of Work
Account Restructure
If your accounts aren't performing or you recently took them over and you know they can be better, our experts will outline how to revamp them for success.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Account Restructure Includes:
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Campaign Structure
  • Develop strategic recommendations around campaign structure, ad groups, keywords, ad copy and user flow
  • Data-driven recommendations for targeting and bid strategy
  • Detailed Presentation of Work and Next Step Recommendations
Performance Insights Analysis
Do you have a big presentation coming up or just want to look at your YoY data to see how you can improve? Our analysts will dig into your data to provide insights and data-driven recommendations to increase the efficiency of your campaigns.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Performance Analysis Includes:
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Account Performance
  • Insights report into the “Why” for the trends we see
  • Data-Driven Recommendations and Action Items
  • Detail Presentation of Work

Advanced Analytics Packages

Reporting Automation
Stop wasting time on manually pulling reports. We can help automate reports so you can see metrics in real-time to make faster decisions and save your valuable time.
Package Details
Reporting Platforms: All Platform Data Sources & Integrations with Data Studio, TapClicks, Datorama
Tactical Includes:
  • Expert Insights on the Best Interface for Your Data
  • Guide to Creating Recurring Custom Reports & Tools
  • Custom Outline for Implementing an Automated Performance Dashboard
  • Detailed Presentation of Action Plan
GA4 Transition
Any account that has not transitioned from Universal Google Analytics to GA4 is losing valuable time in gathering historical data before it is shut off next July. We will help with your transition and set up the reports you'll need.
Package Details
Platforms:Google Analytics
Tactical Includes:
  • Detailed Transition Plan
  • GA4 Account Set-up or Transition
  • Platform Training

Custom Support & Training

Digital Paid Media Management
Anything that is performance driven where you need to log into the platform to optimize is our bread and butter. Schedule a free discovery call to discuss how we can help you.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Custom Support Models:
  • Full Management - We do everything: set-up, optimizations, reporting, etc
  • Hybrid - We supplement your team with oversight or extra hands where needed to provide strategy, training, set-up and auditing
  • On-Demand - We can be your flex team, we’re on standby when you need us
Budget No commitment hourly model. Flexible within any budget.
Digital Marketing Training
Are you wanting to do the work yourself but feel like there is more to learn? We have a multi-module training program that will help you and your team feel ready to conquer any of your paid marketing campaign goals.
Package Details
Platforms: Search, Social, Shopping or Programmatic
Training Course Options:
  • Performance Marketing Basics
  • Paid Search Deep Dive
  • The World of Social
  • Display (Programmatic) Boot Camp
  • Google Tracking Drill Down
  • Analytics Master Course
Training Course Details Join a regularly scheduled course, do self-paced learning(**coming soon**) or customize the course offerings for your marketing team or agency.


No Commitment Hourly Model

Access to our people whenever you need

Full-Management Approach

We manage everything: strategy, setup, budget, optimizations, reporting & recommendations

Hybrid-Model Approach

We work with your team where needed to provide strategy, training, setup & auditing

Outsource Campaign Solutions

We can be flexible within any budget

On-Demand Approach

As your flex team, we're on standby when you win a new client, someone quits or goes on parental leave

Training & Team Build-out

We help with hiring, team training & process improvements to increase internal competencies

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