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Seeking a Paid Media Project Manager

Paid Media Project Manager

Agency or Marketing Experience Required

Company Overview

LeadLab Media team members are the best and brightest in the industry. We believe in supporting each other as a team and finding ways to work smarter, not harder. We get a lot accomplished, but are still completely committed to work/life balance, which is even built into our contracts. We dedicate ourselves to focusing on delivering great work and reducing time-wasting activities through process improvements, automation and using the principles of Agile

All positions are remote, they always have been and always will be.

Our communication systems ensure you’re never alone. Our salaries are competitive but also include overtime pay for billable workers along with 25% of all profits are given back to employees in the form of end of the year bonuses. This is in addition to 401k with a company match, health insurance for part-time and full-time employees. Shared office space rental included upon request.

We take time off seriously and provide 3.5 weeks vacation for full-time workers. We work as a team so you are not expected to check-in, we want you to unplug.

We expect the toughest challenges from our clients, and we train our team members and give them the knowledge and skills to confront and accept those challenges by becoming industry experts.

LeadLab Media's work environment offers flexibility and freedom. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to streamline and improve so we stay excited about the work we're doing and delivering best in class solutions to our clients.

Position Overview:

We're looking for a Paid Media Project Manager who is able to help us grow to the next level. We are at a phase of growth where we need someone who can help bring experience of project management from advertising or other industries to help us build.

We’re building a smarter mousetrap that is revolutionizing the way we do work. Other companies have teams of people, all doing the same job and are slow and inefficient.

We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into borrowing the principles of SCRUM and Waterfall methods to build a framework that works for fast-paced work that requires expertise and fast turnarounds. And it’s working!

We’re able to manage, with only 10 people, enough work that takes the rest of the industry 35 people to do. Now we need an expert in project management and client service to help us grow more.

Our work is different from what most project managers are used to. Instead of one long project, we do many micro deliverables. One client could have 50 hours of 30-min to 1-hour deliverables in a single month and they usually want 1-day turnarounds. We need someone to help us make sure that we can deliver on this without making the people doing the work be overwhelmed. With your help in keeping things organized, that won’t happen.

      What You'll be doing:

      • Work with clients to gather the materials needed to advance the requests.
      • Collaborate with Account Managers to help assign requests and assign due dates for internal teams and determine the requirements.
      • Work with multiple people on the team to be able to leverage different skills needed to complete a task.
      • Strategically manage timelines and logistics to ensure project deadlines are met
      • Oversee budget and financials of ongoing projects.
      • Take initiative to mitigate obstacles and provide solutions for stakeholders
      • Lead meetings and present status updates on when and who will do things to internal teams and clients.
      • Resource planning across multiple clients and projects to maintain the commitment of a 40 hour work week for the people doing the work.
      • Helping to prioritize for the team-members across multiple projects and clients.
      • Closely watching client budgets and hours done.
      • Take principles of scrum to develop events such as stand ups, agile/scrum ceremonies, and conflict resolution meetings. Use practical agile techniques to deliver on projects.
      • Coach the team towards adopting and understanding scrum and work with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application in the organization.
      • Balance priorities with team resources while also supporting team health.
      • Ensure objectives are well-understood by all team members.
      • Closely watch hours of clients to make sure teams don’t do more than approved and prioritizing the work with the hours available.
      • Help identify, resolve and escalate roadblocks.
      • Onboarding new clients, gathering materials and making sure new clients are on boarded smoothly with little disruption to the the account managers.
      • Sending project updates to clients along with making adjustments to the project list based on changing needs and feedback.
      • Making team members accountable for the work assigned to them to make sure deadlines are not missed or items being forgotten.
      • Work with clients, set right expectations, manage scope, delivery, and ensure client delight.
      • Work with internal teams (e.g., account, development, quality, content) to ensure alignment and coordinated execution on active projects.
      • Continuously learn about the industries we serve and developments in project management, and apply these learnings to enhance our execution.
      • Organize all activities to ensure clients are getting everything they need with quick turnarounds.

      Who we're looking for:

      • Be well versed in paid media activities and know enough about what is needed and how long something takes in the work we do of paid search, social and programmatic.
      • Demonstrates clear understanding of the program's vision, objectives, scale and scope of work, expected outcomes, business value and impact, timelines, roadmaps, resource level requirements.
      • Establishes strong partnerships and engagement with project stakeholders.
      • Able to articulate to senior leaders areas of risk or red flags that should be addressed.
      • Someone who is able to make clients feel supported that you’ll help make sure their needs are handled effectively and efficiently.
      • Someone who can make sure the team has what they need to get the job done.
      • Comfortable / well-versed at using modern work management and collaboration tools (Smartsheet, JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint/Teams, Slack).
      • Someone who thinks outside the box and brings ideas to the table for improving the project management processes.
      • Loves organizing the work more than you like doing the work. Help to determine the needs from the client in order to translate that into an actionable next step of the person who is expected to do the next step.
      • Foster a growth mindset, regularly seek out opportunities for improvement.
      • Someone who thrives in a team-oriented and fast-paced environment.
      • Strong interpersonal skills, can effectively say “no” and pushback on clients when needed.
      • Can manage multiple concurrent tasks and projects and connect multiple people on a single project to deliver excellent results for the client.

      Job type:

      • 100% Remote (USA or Canada residents only).
      • Full-time position (Mon-Fri, 9-5 CT) with flexibility if needed.
      • Client-facing role.
      • Salary Range: $50,000-$80,000.


      • 3+ years experience in the fields of marketing, technology, advertising or client services required.
      • Bachelor’s degree.
      • Experience using JIRA is preferred. Project manager certifications a plus.

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      Our leadership team will review your application within 72-hours and reach out via email if selected to move to the next round.