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LeadLab Media is a paid media consultancy who partners with advertising agencies offering digital planning, buying, and insights.

What to Expect with our Services

Internal Support

Account Audits

Are you using best practices or missing any opportunities?

We will make sure that your current accounts and account managers are utilizing best practices. We will do a deep dive and identify areas of risk or opportunity and outline next steps.

Account Set-Up

Do you want full confidence your campaigns follow industry best practices?

Building the account to align with internal goals is the most important piece to ensuring success. We will develop a strategy, and build your new account from the ground up aligned with client goals to set you up for success prior to launch.


Do you need immediate or long term account management?
We can provide you with full account management to make sure your accounts are improving and hitting goals. Our expert team will pull the levers for you to improve performance, monitor budgets and ensure budgets are spent effectively.


Do you want a better understanding of what is driving results?
We analyze your data to segment and profile your customer using advanced analytics such as regression modeling and decision tree predictions to determine how to get a uplift in new customers.

Marketing Department Solutions

Agency Communications

Do you want support in making sure you're getting the most from your media agency?
We speak the agency language and know what expert level service looks like. We ensure your agency is following best practices and will help identify areas of improvement. Our team can work directly with your agency contact, or on the back-end helping craft communications.


Are you interested in moving your paid digital efforts in-house but are hesitant to make the transition?
We have all the right tools to help you feel confident in hiring, training, and building the right team. We will stay hands on as your new team gets up to speed, then phase out as your team builds confidence but still be your go to support for as long as needed.

We Provide the Toolbox to Scale Your Agency


Do you want your team to become experts in digital advertising?
If internal expertise is your goal, we can train your team to become leaders in paid media. Our team of experts will remain as a dedicated support system for as long as needed.

Hiring Support

Need help vetting candidates and developing the right team?
We can help with job descriptions, interviewing, candidate-testing, and a hiring process that will attract and find the best fit for your paid media department.


Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, theTradeDesk, DV360, MediaMath, Centro.


Doubleclick Campaign Manager, Google Analytics, CallRail, Google Tag Manager.


Google DataStudio, Datorama, Tableau, Domo, DashThis, TapClicks.


Salesforce, Hubspot , Zoho, Blaze, Netsuite, Pipeliner, Marketo, Eloqua, SugarCRM.


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