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Our Rates

Reserved Pricing RateReserved Pricing TypeExecution RateManager RateAccount lead RateExpert Rate
$0-$34,999 in HoursOn-Demand Rate$132.00$150.00$200.00$250.00
$35,000-$74,999 in HoursReserved Rate$121.00$140.00$185.00$225.00
$75,000 to $99,999 in HoursReserved Rate$115.00$132.00$175.00$200.00
$100,000+ in HoursReserved Rate$110.00$125.00$165.00$190.00

For a one time cost

We will build you the formula that will get your local customers who are looking for your service.

Get an audit of changes you can make to your website in order to rank higher in Google Organic listings, including Google Maps.

Get an audit of your Google My Business, including strategies on how to improve and increase your positive reviews, one of the most important things you can do to convince someone to choose you over your competitors. 76% of people will search for a business

To be on the top of the search results, you need to be buying ads, and your competitors are. We build you a search account that is built to spend money on only the keywords that will get you leads for people looking for what you do.

Stand out from the competition with a “Google Guaranteed” logo on your listing. These types of ads perform great as they stand out, and you only pay for leads. They can be difficult to set up as you need to be approved, but we will help with that.

66% of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once a week, and 69% of online shoppers who use Meta platforms weekly made purchases after seeing personalized content on Facebook or Instagram. https://martech.zone/social-media-finding-local-business/ 

Having the right website that showcases your services and answers the right questions is the most important part of converting website visitors to actual customers. We will audit your website for opportunities, or we have template websites that are already built out for your industry that you can have.

Knowing what is driving your new business and what isn’t is the foundation of making sure that you’re getting new customers with as little money as possible.