How Dashboard Automation Saves Our Clients’ Hours

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How Dashboard Automation Saves Our Clients' Hours

Work Smarter Not Harder

Time is money and wasting your valuable time manually pulling data takes away from time you could be analyzing and optimizing your campaigns. LeadLab Media has saved our clients 30+ hours a month on reporting and improved team morale by building them automated reporting dashboards.  

We are a data-driven company and we are passionate about analyzing performance data to gather the “story” of our clients accounts. Let’s be honest, that is the fun part in the reporting process. It should take time and be thorough; but what shouldn’t take much time is pulling the data to analyze. 

Struggling with reporting inefficiencies is more common than you’d think. It has driven us to develop a top notch dashboard reporting process that we can now share with our clients. 

See how two of our clients have benefitted from dashboard automation:

Client A: Top Media Agency Worldwide and Part of a Major Holding Company

When Client A came to us requesting a highly detailed quarterly report for each of their eight Google Ads accounts, we immediately presented the idea of automation to speed up the process. The client agreed this would be ideal for now and the future. The result was instead of spending days pulling all the data and developing charts, we constructed eight unique automated dashboards that did the heavy lifting for us. 

The new dashboards saved 4-6 hours of data pulling per account, allowing us to spend the extra time digging into the performance data, providing insights, and data-driven recommendations. Our dashboards are highly customizable, date ranges can be changed as you need and we were able to easily download the charts and graphs we needed into PowerPoint format. We were proud to deliver a high quality quarterly report and implement performance improvement opportunities for our client with the time we saved.

Client B: Full-Service Media Planning & Buying Agency, Supporting Regional & National Adv

Client B came to us with big data issues. They struggled with inaccurate data and significant frustration amongst their team who spent 30+ hours/month on reporting. Our team jumped into action and did a full overhaul of their dashboards, giving them confidence in their data once again and valuable time back. 

Of course, you’re wondering how much time did it really save them? Our dashboard report cut their teams monthly reporting down to just 30 minutes/month! Their team can now focus on projects and tasks that matter and that move the needle for their business. They even expressed to us the positive impact the new reports had on team morale. That’s a win-win! 

Work Smarter Not Harder

Dashboard reporting can integrate into any major platform, with an API, and also can integrate custom data, like sales and CRM data, showing you real time accurate costs per customer. 

Our team takes pride in working smarter and more efficiently. We recognize the opportunity to automate processes when it makes sense so that we can spend more of our time digging into data and making optimizations that improve campaign performance. Our process of building advanced integrated dashboard reports is one we want others to benefit from too. 

If you have any reporting challenges you’d like to solve, schedule a free discovery call and see how we can support you today.