Content Submissions

The purpose of this form is to submit content that you think could be a good blog post, social media post, lunch & learn topic or resource material for the training program. By submitting this form you don’t need to write or create the content, just the content idea. A task will be created for you when we’re ready to write the content as time permits.

Content ideas can include but not limited to:

  • Something new you learned this week
  • A new feature in the platform you noticed
  • Best practices for a certain platform or feature within a platform
  • A POV or opinion on something new
  • Bunking a trend, a best practices that you DON’T follow
  • Results of something you recently tested
  • How to guide on a new change
  • Something you’ve always been interested in learning more about and want do more research on?
  • A reaction to something in the news, here is a list of resource materials if you need ideas:

Examples include:

  • You learned this week that you can’t select a custom conversion to optimize to because of iOS14, what other options would you recommend?
  • LinkedIn got rid of reach and frequency metrics, what else should we use?
  • GA4 transition guide, what do you need to do to prepare
  • How we saved our team 15 hours a week because of automated reporting
  • Common mistakes found in an account audit
  • Performance Max campaigns, what are they and how should they be used?
  • Click campaigns vs Conversion campaigns, which performed best?
  • How should agencies respond to the trend of “quiet quitting”. A gen z perspective….
  • How to advertise on Reddit

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