Client Packages

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Client Packages

Which is Right for You?

  • Are you a digital marketer running a complex account and needing a second set of eyes?
  • Or maybe you are confident in your campaign setup but not so confident in your conversion tracking abilities?
  • Are you responsible for developing a plan for a brand new tactic for your client?
  • Are your accounts underperforming and you are unsure how to leverage account structure to improve performance?
  • Do you have a big presentation coming up and need to dig into the data to provide insights and recommendations?
  • Are you spending hours pulling data and organizing reports?
  • Are you a marketer that is unfamiliar with the Universal Analytics to GA4 transition that is looming?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from one of LeadLab’s service packages. Ranging from reporting automation to account restructures to measurement audits, LeadLab offers a range of digital media packages to people like you, that are wanting to do the work but needing the guidance of digital media experts.

LeadLab offers two different account audit packages – the Best Practice Account Audit and the Analytics Measurement Audit. The Best Practice Account Audit package is one of my favorites to return to clients because they are impressed by the level of detail we provide and the format in which the audit is presented. We’ve developed a tool that reviews all aspects of an account and spits out a letter grade (think A+, B, etc.). From there, our experts provide specific recommendations and next steps. The other audit package, The Analytics Measurement Audit, is really a crucial step when inheriting a new account or when you’re unfamiliar with conversion tracking setup. This package ensures correct setup, something our team has significant experience with and is passionate about. 

The various performance campaign packages are designed for ensuring strategy aligns with structure and positive results are produced. The New Campaign Tactical Plan is a package that our team does frequently with any clients we are onboarding. The result is a fully custom tactical plan with specific recommendations based on platform knowledge and industry research. The Account Restructure package consists of our team analyzing the current account structure, determining areas for improvement, and creating an outline on how to revamp the account for success. Lastly, the Performance Insights Analysis package is geared towards presentations; we dive into the data to provide comprehensive insights and data-driven recommendations that are put into a detailed presentation format. As with all of our packages, this package is not a “cookie cutter” offering; in other words, if you have a specific format you’d like the presentation in, or if you have specific KPIs you want us to focus on, the package is customizable to fit your needs.

If your team spends hours on reporting – from pulling data to aggregating data to creating pivot tables – allow us to help. Whether you are looking for an automated report to skip the data-pulling step, or if you would like a fully automated dashboard that updates in real-time, we have a team of reporting experts. Our Reporting Automation package allows you to stop wasting time on manually pulling reports and spend time on the tasks that truly matter.

Have you transitioned your accounts to GA4? Confused about the process? Unsure when the time is right? The GA4 Transition package includes a detailed transition plan, GA4 set up and transition, as well as platform training so you feel comfortable with the new tool. This package is especially timely as transitioning your Universal Analytics account as soon as possible allows you to have historical data in GA4 before the July 1, 2023 deadline.

If any of these packages piqued your interest and you want to learn more, please schedule your free consultation and our team will be happy to talk through your needs and provide an estimate.

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