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We are always looking for smart people in the media industry that are looking for a non-traditional way to make some extra money and work on big projects.

We know that resumes and LinkedIn profiles can't demonstrate everything that makes you awesome, so we decided to start with some pre-interview questions that are meant to give you an opportunity to show us what makes you especially well suited and how your skills fit into the team. 

Answer the questions below in a way that gives us an idea on your experience and expertise.

We’d like to get a better feel for how you approach your work and what matters most to you.

You may write as much as you want, just be aware that we're trying to get to know you, not to force you to write a novel. A paragraph or two is probably plenty, but again, feel free to write however much you'd think is needed to let us get to know you.

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  • This can be previous clients, previous companies, or tactics that you have expertise in managing.
  • What are the things you love about it? What do you dislike?
  • Managing clients? Insights? Optimizing accounts? Something else?
  • Managing clients? Insights? Optimizing accounts? Something else?
  • What experience do have in any experience in the following? If so, how much?