Who We Are

Dedicated To Elevating Your Paid Media Expertise


Our Mission

LeadLab Media's mission is to provide completely transparent management and support to make sure that everyone that works with us is getting the most out of their digital media campaigns, and that the money spent is producing returns.

Full-Management Approach

  • We manage everything for you from strategy, set-up, budget pacing, optimizations, reporting and recommendations for your campaigns.

Hybrid-Model Approach

  • We work with your team to step in where needed with senior-level strategy, training, set-up or auditing as needed. 

On-Demand  Approach

  • We’re your flex team that can step in if you win a new client, someone quits or leaves for parental-leave. If you don't need us, no problem, we'll be on stand-by.

Training and Team Build-Out 

  •  If having internal competency is the ultimate goal, we help with hiring, team training and process improvements so you can manage digital campaigns using only your internal team. We never want our clients to feel dependent upon us.

Our Story

The key to performance marketing is not only considering the what, but the why. It’s the soft skills underneath the mechanics that make the difference.

We don’t just know the data and levers to pull, but we also understand the fundamentals in media planning required to reach the right audience for the right message to the right person at the right time.

A good media strategy is both an art and a science and we know both.

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