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How We Started

The concept for LeadLab Media is the brain child of Sara Johnson and evolved from a digital advertising industry wide need that has been present for over a decade.

While working her day job at the big agencies, Sara found that advertisers with smaller budgets struggled with their digital ad campaigns and would often turn to her for freelance support.

This moonlighting to pay off college loans turned into a regular side-hustle, and eventually formed the basis for LeadLab Media to open in 2014.


Speed Ahead

Today LeadLab Media has grown into a team of experts who play at the top of their game.

Our goal is to help mid-sized agencies and marketing departments like yours elevate their digital ad management through hands on management, training and strategic oversight.

We're here to make sure our partners' accounts utilize all the best practices and see a reduction in wasted spend.

Our ExpertiseView our Certifications

Sara Johnson

Founder and CEO

Kristen Hunt

Business Development

Anna Kayfitz

Data Analyst

Alana Hughes

Associate Media Manager

Jenna Bonazinca

Project Manager

Suzanne Burton

Marketing Manager

Harrison Callahan


Our Partners

Our perfect clients are agencies and marketing departments who are interested in an easy partnership as opposed to a strictly freelance approach.

Our partners lean on us for guidance and expertise, and it is our job to stay on the cutting edge of research and technology in order to offer the best strategies and advice.

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